Our Story

Our story begins with a vision of a greener world. A desire to take care of our natural environment. To protect it at all costs.

The world is in short supply of sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing. As the market is flooded with environmentally negligent and mass produced clothing, something had to be done.

So with dedication and persistence, our vision of a more sustainable world grew and grew. Until finally, the Carbon Offset Clothing Initiative came to life.

100% Organic Materials

100% Carbon Offset


Circular Economy Principles


Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)

"Promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world"

Fair Labor Association (FLA)

"Promoting adherence to international and national labor laws"

Global Organic Textile Standard

"Worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres"

Our Partners

We Offset

We Offset is a personalised CO2 emissions calculator designed to help you offset the amount of CO2 produced in your daily life.

How it Works

The Eden Projects

The Eden Projects plant trees around the world to help reduce poverty and restoring the natural balance of forests by planting millions of trees every year.

Our Collaboration